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Ceylon Birds

Tour Program


Ayubowan! You have arrived at Sri Lanka! A warm and truly Sri Lankan welcome at the Airport, where the representative of Ceylon Gate Travels, transfer you to a hotel in Colombo where you are relaxed in care! Visit Talangama Bird Sanctuary (approximately 1 Hour drive) Away from the main roads a place for birds only! Or for the bird lovers! This serene wetland is a convenient location for bird watching. Around 50 birds are seen by many guests in this wetland including forest and garden birds, such as Black-crowned Night-herons, (nocturnal birds) , also a Little Green Heron (Striated Heron) are most likely in the early mornings. Nevertheless, Ceylon Small Barbet, White-browed Bulbul and Black-rumped Flame backs, scarce Kora (Watercock), Kingfisher, dragonflies and migrant birds Yellow Bittern and Black Britten would also most possible in your tour! Dinner


Today you are in a primary tropical lowland rain forest in an altitude of 300-1170 meters, covering 6092 he. from the wet land where you were yesterday!! It is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO in April 1978. More than 55% of trees are endemic and rare, with endemic birds, wildlife, and butterflies as well as different kinds of amphibians, reptiles, and insects.

Out of 830 endemic species, of which trees, woody climbers, and rare species were recorded here. High Faunal endemism is with about 20 birds are recorded. They are Sri Lanka junglefowl, , brown-capped babbler, crimson-fronted barbet, blue-tailed bee-eater ,Sri Lanka wood pigeon, black-capped bulbul and Sri Lanka grey hornbill .The endangered and threatened species are found in the reserve


Bird watching activity at Sinharaja

Dinner Overnight stay at the Hotel


Yala National Park, the second largest national park in Sri Lanka covering 979 square Km of which consist of 5 blocks that contain thorny forests, grasslands, sandy beach, dry and moist monsoon forests and marine wetlands. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to observe 7 endemic birds out of 215 bird species that are found in this park. ashy-headed babbler (Garrulax cinereifrons), Sri Lanka white-headed starling (Sturnus senex), Sri Lanka wood pigeon (Columba torringtoni), green-billed Coucal (Centropus chlororrhynchus) and Sri Lanka broad-billed roller (Eurystomus orientalis irisi). It does play an important role in protecting Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera pardus), the highest density in the world, endemic purple-faced Langur (Presbytis senex), elephants, sloth bear, wild water buffalo and alligators.

Day 05 - YALA

Safari at Yala National Park

Dinner and Overnight stay at the Hotel


After crossing the river Kelani, where 1950s Oscar-winning classic The Bridge over the River Kwai, directed by David Lean was filmed we step into 1100 he forests reserve. Among different species of mammals, amphibians, butterflies, and birds, you are lucky to observe these, Sri Lanka Brown-capped Babbler, Layard’s Parakeet, Yellow-fronted Barbet, Green-bill Coucal, Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot, White-faced Starling, Sri Lanka Blue Magpie, Red-faced Malkoha, etc


Visit Beli Lena

You are stepping into a pre historic world renounced cave today, where “Balangoda Man (Homo sapiens balangodensis) who lived 32000 year ago (according to radiometric dating) in an altitude of 600 m that was discovered between 1978 to 1983 by the Sri Lankan archeologist, Prof. Paul E. P. Deraniyagala. Which is an important landmark in the world history of human paleontology.


Wonderful recreational activity that you will admire most, in the tour. It is with different options of duration and rapids; however, you are provided with proper out fit with a guarantee of your safety. Unless you are advised not to participate in such activities by physician.


Visit Kandy

The most important temple for the Buddhist all over the world! Mainly for the left canine tooth of Buddha is placed inside a seventh golden casket!

Further you can experience the pilgrims who come in white dress and the way of worship! It is a great cultural experience of its kind!


Dambulla Caves

A cave declared as a temple in the 2 BC, with 153 Buddha statues, three statues of kings and four statues of gods and goddess inside! With 2100 sq meters of murals! On a stone cliff face. It is 200m above from the surroundings that you can walk up in 30 minutes. Another world heritage site declared by UNESCO in the year 1991.


Do you like to have a walk into a Palace on a rock! Where there is a water garden, frescos, and a mirror wall! Built in the 4 century AD, another world heritage site.


In the morning you get the opportunity to explore medieval capital of Sri Lanka- Pollonnaruwa. Have you ever heard of an Ocean inside the country? Then you are there in a reservoir built in the 11 century which is called Ocean of the great king Parakaramabahu! and you can explore the ancient city on bicycle ride!


Visit Rural Village

Please go to the link to learn more about the rural village development projects done by the Ceylon Gate Travels!, It is a community service for a sustainable tourism concept we value most in our mission.

Catamaran ride in lake

Catamaran is an old fishing boat made by two floating logs bound together. It has no fuel engine. Operated manually by the fisherman. You are lucky to watch these endemic birds species like Sri Lankan Swallow, Brown Capped Babbler, Crimson Backed Flame Back Woodpecker, Black Capped Bulbul, Sri Lankan Green Pigeon and Sri Lankan jungle fowl.

Day 13 - NEGOMBO

Negombo is an old main city with a harbor and a lagoon, that has old Dutch port, with a population of over 1500000. A mix of different religions such as Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and Muslims.

Visit Lagoon (Surface area 35.02 sq Km)

You will get the experience of mangroves and wetland ecosystem in this estuary where there are two main rivers bring in fresh water into this traditional fishing lagoon, among water birds egrets, cormorants, ducks, herons, terns, kingfishers and eagles are very common. Take a boat and explore the lagoon! You also can visit the toddy tapping and taste the coconut nectar a traditional beer in Sri Lanka.


Returning you by way of a scenic drive to the international airport for your departing flight and a safe journey home.